Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinewood Derby and some Bryson pictures!

  Dallin's first Pack Meeting was a Pinewood Derby.  He was very excited, I was very excited that Neil was thrilled about it, and he and Dallin built and painted his car! Dallin drew his design and Neil was able to have someone at work cut it out.  Then they picked the paint and painted it! Well we were pretty excited he won his first race, but then he lost the rest.  His car would be way out ahead while going down the hill, but then went it got to the straight part it slowed way down.  The important thing, Dallin had fun and he was able to build his car with his dad. 

I loved all the little brothers sitting at the bottom of the track, they would inch closer and closer and then we would scoot them back.  So much fun!

Dallin decided to do a photoshoot of Bryson one day, and these are the pictures he got. 

This is cute one picture at a soccer game, since I was taking his picture he was "taking" my picture with my phone.  He is too cute!
Bryson watches me do my makeup way too often!  This is his attempt at eyeliner!

Kindergarten Field Trip and Performance

I was able to go on Camden's field trip, I love that they let younger siblings go! Here are just a few of the pictures I was able to take!

We had a lot of fun, and I was only in charge of one other student.  Luckily it was Camden's buddy Preston and he was so nice and easy.  The boys all had a blast!  Toward's the end of the trip we hung out with the Ricks' and that was fun too. The boys said the dinosaurs had ran into this building, Sheri and thought it was pretty fun.  I am so glad Camden has good friends!

It was a fun day to spend with my Cam and Bryson.  I am so grateful I get to go and do these things with my kids.  I am sure there will come a day when they don't want me there!

I love the Kindergarten performance, it is pretty much the same every year, but they sing the cutest songs.  Camden was so excited to perform for us.  I told Neil I wanted to be there very early or we wouldn't be able to see Camden.  He was very nice and volunteered to go and save our seats.  He said it was much easier for him to go by himself and wait, than me with the 3 boys. I was very thankful, it made my night much easier! What a stud, he is so cute and funny!

Getting into the song.
Bryson wanted me to take his picture, and then he said with a funny face.  He learned that at Camden's class one day, and ever since it has been hard to get him to take a nice picture!
Camden with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hamson.  She has been a great teacher for him.  He "qualified" for all day Kindergarten and at the beginning of the year, I was extremely upset about it.  As the year went on, and he was doing so well in school, I was so glad he went all day.  He is all caught up and lots of areas ahead of where he needs to be!
I am a little sad, Kindergarten is over for him, but I know he is ready and thrilled to be going to big FIRST GRADE!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camden's 6th birthday

I was able to share Mother's day with this sweet birthday boy! He was so excited for his birthday and he wanted breakfast in bed even though he didn't sleep at home.  So here is the birthday boy enjoying his breakfast in a made bed! He was so thrilled. 

He opened one present before church, and he was so excited to get this Rush Xbox game. 
Almost a month ago, and kid at school made a Chinese star out of paper for Dallin.  He came home and told me he had the perfect present for Camden and he made him and card and hid it in his room.  It was so sweet, the card said you are the best brother ever.  Camden loved Ninja's so he was so excited to get this ninja star from Dallin. 
We had cake and ice cream at my parent's house and I forgot my camera.  I took pictures on my dad's camera, but I haven't gotten them yet. So this post is to be continued.......

Mother's Day

I didn't take any pictures on Mother's Day, but I did want to write down about my day.  It was Neil's weekend with the boys, but he said he would bring them home Sunday morning and help them cook  breakfast for me. 

The boys gave me a few things they had made at school, and I loved them and they bought me the Zumba XBOX game, well Neil did.  Neil made us breakfast of french toast and bacon.  It was so good, and so nice of him to do that for me and the boys. Mother's day was also Camden's birthday so I will have a post about that soon. 

The kids also sang in Sacrament meeting for the mom's.  I was really excited because for some reason our ward has not done that since we moved in, and I have missed that.  To make it even better, Camden had a small solo part to sing.  I was a bit nervous for him, but he did so good, and I loved every minute of it. 

I am so thankful to be a mom, and even more thankful that given my situation I can still be a stay at home mom.  I pray I will always remember how blessed I am to be able to do that.  I am an extremely lucky mom to have 3 handsome boys.  They are so much fun, and so much work! I don't always enjoy the fighting, talking back, and not listening that comes with being a mom, but I love them.  I am so grateful to be entrusted with their sweet spirits and I pray I will do a good job in raising them to be righteous Young Men!