Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinewood Derby and some Bryson pictures!

  Dallin's first Pack Meeting was a Pinewood Derby.  He was very excited, I was very excited that Neil was thrilled about it, and he and Dallin built and painted his car! Dallin drew his design and Neil was able to have someone at work cut it out.  Then they picked the paint and painted it! Well we were pretty excited he won his first race, but then he lost the rest.  His car would be way out ahead while going down the hill, but then went it got to the straight part it slowed way down.  The important thing, Dallin had fun and he was able to build his car with his dad. 

I loved all the little brothers sitting at the bottom of the track, they would inch closer and closer and then we would scoot them back.  So much fun!

Dallin decided to do a photoshoot of Bryson one day, and these are the pictures he got. 

This is cute one picture at a soccer game, since I was taking his picture he was "taking" my picture with my phone.  He is too cute!
Bryson watches me do my makeup way too often!  This is his attempt at eyeliner!

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