Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nastics Trophy Day!

  The boys look forward to Trophy Day each year! They love to perform and show their stuff! Bryson calls it "nastics", and he loves it! His day was first, it was during the day, but Neil was able to still come.  He is in a mom and tots class, so lucky me, I am in all these pictures.  But I do love this class, I have been able to do it with all of my boys.  

 Pizza Table
Beginnings of a back hand spring.
After we do things in the little gym, then the kids get to go out into the "big gym".  Bryson loves to do this on the rings, because Dallin does it!
Waiting so patiently for his turn.
Showing his trophy
Then Dallin and Camden's performances were at the same time.  I took Bryson over to my neighbor's and that made life a lot simpler, since we were trying to watch both boys at the same time.

Dallin on parallel bars

Rings routine, this is Dallin's favorite thing.  I was so proud of him, and he did it with no help from his teacher!

 Floor routine

 Getting his trophy! When he was standing on top, a girl about his age was sitting right behind us, and she says loudly "he's hot".  I about dyed, he is way too young for that.  Then he went and sat by us, the girl said again, "I am serious, look how hot he is".  Needless to say, it did make Dallin's day!

 Camden took gymnastics most of the year, there was only about 6 weeks left, and he was really fighting me on going to gymnastics. Once he got there, he seemed to have fun, so I just kept making him go.  Then one day after his class, he went and got his teacher to talk to me.  I was a little worried.  His coach said, Camden says he doesn't like gymnastics because he doesn't learn any ninja moves.  He went on to say that he teaches a parkour class, during the next hour and wanted to know if I thought Camden could try the class.  They learn lots of ninja moves.  Camden was absolutely beaming while he talked to me, so he tried it that night and there was no going back to gymnastics, he is parkour all the way! It was really hard to get pictures of Cam that weren't fuzzy, because he is always moving fast!

 Posing in line!

They jump off this wall onto a huge mat, it is a pretty big drop, and Cam loves it.  Eventually they will flip off of it, and do more tricks. 

Cam's pose getting his trophy.
Good job boys!
And another year of gymnastics comes to an end.  I don't know if Dallin will have time to take next year, but he really wants to do the rings, so we will see.  Camden can't wait for parkour to start!


  1. I love it!! That is so funny about Camden wanting to do Ninja moves and having the coach talk you into the parkour class. (Never heard of that, but love that they do Ninja moves!) Talented and cute boys! That little girl knows a "hot" boy when she sees one! LOL! :)

  2. You are going to have a ton of girls chasing your three "hot" boys, so you might want to get used to it! I'm impressed with Dallin's rings skills. Wow!