Tuesday, August 7, 2012


  Every year 3 Mile Creek does a Triathlon.  Dallin was really excited about this, and even more excited when Jackson Thurgood asked him to be his partner.  One person ran (Jackson), one person rode a bike, and then together they had to do a obstacle course.  Jackson was a very fast runner and was the 2nd person back.  Dallin took off on his bike. 

Coming back from his race, he was in 2nd place. 

I didn't make it back to the field in time to take their pictures through the obstacle course, but I saw them at the finish.  They were thrilled with their 2nd place finish.  They got a back pack, and a step counter. 

Afterwards, they were able to play outside until all the grade had finished the triathlon. 
It was a really fun day!

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