Wednesday, October 24, 2012

School's out!

I am not sure why Dallin wasn't happy this morning, he did not enjoy 2nd grade much so I figured he would be excited for the last day of school.  I just think he didn't want me to take his picture.  Here is my ornery but handsome boy!

Camden on the other hand was thrilled for me to take his picture, 
I can't believe he will be in 1st grade next year!
We have to get the Ninja moves in
Bryson is not to be left out of anything!
Have I mentioned that I live in the best neighborhood?  Well in case I haven't I do! My good friend Sheri Ricks puts together a School's out Party.  We have banners for the bus to drive through, and then we have hot dogs, chips and treats at her house.  Here is the banner this year.
The bus driving through! The best part of this was, we could here the kids screaming and cheering as they started heading up the street.  Everyone loves this party and the banner for the bus!

We had about 100 people here this year, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger, but it is so fun. 
 I appreciate all the work Sheri puts into it!

After the party Dallin set up our slip and slide!

Having a blast, we are all happy and ready for a break from school! Our wonderful neighbor Paige has an incredible talent of face painting.  The kids love it when she does this.  
Bryson is a ninja warrior (go figure huh?)

Camden is a vampire bat.
Dallin is a robber!
The kids went and asked Paige the next day to paint their faces again. 

Eyes open
Eyes shut, creepy!!!!
I cannot believe how well she did on this tiger.  Dallin had an all star game that night, so it was really funny to see him playing soccer with his painted face!

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