Friday, November 2, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Well it is official I am the mother to 3 fish! I was thrilled to have the boys back at swimming lessons at The Peak.  The boys were happy to be there as well!

Dallin saving someone who was "drowning".

On the last day of lessons they have "free time".  Dallin was playing with Bryson, he is such a good big brother. 
Camden's first day!
Swimming like a pro!

Showing me he can go under!
and he is gone!

This is Bryson's first year for swimming lessons by himself.  Last year we did a mom and me class, it was not very successful.  Mostly because it was cold, the water wasn't heated (one of the many reasons I went back to The Peak for lessons) and he was sick for half of the lessons. 
Bryson loved swimming and playing in the water, he certainly didn't do what he was suppose to be doing most of the time. 
Getting a rocket.

I love that he is not afraid to put his head in the water!
Miss Jacquie is his teacher, he was excited about that, going under,
coming back up!

I must admit it was really nice to have them all in swimming lessons at the same time, and I was able to relax and watch them swim.