Thursday, January 10, 2013

BE United

 Dallin had a great time on his competitive soccer team.  This is our first year and first experience with competitive teams and I think it went really well.  I really like the boys on his team, and they a good time. 

I once again didn't go a very good job of taking pictures at his games.  I did get a few, and I guess how many soccer pictures do I need.  I am kinda excited because a few of these are ones I was able to get from a video I took of his game.  

It was so much fun to watch the progress these boys made during the season.  I was very proud of Dallin and his whole team.  It seemed each game Dallin would get a few more shots, I was just waiting for one to go in, and it finally did on the last game of the season.  He was so excited and so was I! His team finished in about the middle of the pack for the season.  Looking at the pictures I am excited for Spring Soccer to start, oh wait maybe not, we are currently doing Basketball and Indoor! Ha Ha.  That is what I get for getting so far behind! I am making progress though.

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