Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Day of School 2012

I messed up the order on my blog, so we have Labor Day before First Day of School, darn it! I cannot believe I have a Third Grader, a First Grader and a Preschooler, time flies! All of my kids were pretty excited about going back to school, for the most part.  Dallin loves his free time, but he also thrives with more structure in his life.  Dallin was pretty excited for his teacher this year.  I am hoping for a great year for him! Camden has Miss Higgs and we absolutely love her so he was thrilled! Bryson is just excited that he is big enough to go to school too. 

Dallin my handsome Third Grader

Thankfully he doesn't think he is too big for me to meet him at school on the first day.
Bryson wanted to sit in Dallin's desk and he wanted to bring his chocolate milk along.

I love this picture!

My ever so handsome First Grader

I love Cam's enthusiasm, if only we all had just a little bit of it! Here he is at the bus stop.

Getting on the bus, I loved the wave goodbye.

I follow the bus to school and then walk the kids into their class.
At his desk
Talking with Miss Higgs, I am so thrilled to have him in her class.  It makes having them at school all day so much better. 
Bryson's preschool started the week after the other boys.  So I guess my post isn't completely out of order! He wanted to pose just like his brothers. 
I could love on this face all day long!
Can he be any cuter? I didn't think so!
Hanging up his backpack while mom tries to smile!
Looking at his name on the floor. 
He was so excited to stay and I didn't want to walk out the door! Miss Kim is one of his teachers and I have known her for a long time.  (I babysat her boys when they were little.) She came over and asked me if I was alright, pretty pathetic huh? I have to admit, my house is very quiet for those 2 hours. 

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