Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heart Check up

 I highly doubt there will ever be a time that I won't worry about Bryson's heart.  I get pretty stressed for his annual checkup.  I usually feel like he is fine, but there is always this little doubt in the back of my head.  This year his check up was in August and they thought as well as he did last year he would not need to be sedated.  I was happy about this, but at the same time I was pretty worried if he would hold still long enough. The Echo when he is asleep usually last about an hour.   This is a picture of him getting the Echo done, he was so good.  They did it quite a bit quicker with him awake but he was so good!

Time for the EKG, I am amazed they can get all those leads on their little chests!
Seriously I don't think he could have been any better, he is a Warrior in my book!

The best part of the day, is hearing the cardiologist say his heart looks awesome! I was thrilled and extremely relieved.  I love you Bubba Brown!

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