Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Park City

 Dallin's first soccer tournament with BE United was played in Park City.  It worked out great because Chad was out of town, so Sheri and I split a condo and we had a lot of fun.  I did a horrible job and took hardly any pictures.  Bridger is on a different team and so our schedules were different so we really couldn't do as much together as we would have liked.  

The kids loved this especially since we don't have sleepovers! One of the days I took the boys to the Alpine slide.  I was really hoping Camden would be tall enough to ride by himself, but he wasn't so I wasn't able to take them on it.  They did have a zip line ride that Dallin and Camden were able to ride and they loved it.  I didn't get pics of course, but I did get it on video.  Someday I will figure out how to put videos on my blog!

Bryson really wanted to go on the zip line ride too, but he was too little.  He was able to ride a couple of rides though. 
Dallin and Camden did the trampoline jump.  They had a blast, but I think it was harder than they thought it would be.  I thought they would be flipping all over the place, but neither of them could do one!

One picture of the reason we went to Park City in the first place! Dallin kicking the ball! It is so much fun watching them play. 
 We have been watching American Ninja Warrior all summer, so when the kids saw these stairs they began their Ninja Warrior training. 

McKenna was nice and helped Bryson, he loved it! He certainly thinks he is as big as everyone else.

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