Friday, May 31, 2013

Christmas Festivities!

I have got to stop getting so far behind, it isn't very fun to write about Christmas when it is June! I love getting the Christmas tree up.  I setup it up, put the lights and bows on while the boys were at their dad's.  That tends to help since I always have a hard time with the dang lights.  It is a prelit tree and I have had tons of problems with it! The boys love to decorate it, and they love finding their ornaments.  My mom gives each of us an ornament on Thanksgiving. 

 I bought a gingerbread train.  I thought it would be perfect since their were 3 cars and everyone could decorate a car.  Of course they had to fight over who had the engine. I guess I should have known! Once we got to the decorating the boys had a blast.  I was very impressed with how determined and focused Bryson was! That is a miracle in itself!

 It turned out pretty cool!

 Bryson had a Christmas Program at school.  I am certainly biased, but he was so cute!
 I love how he is putting down his thumb to make 4 little monkeys.
 Then they sang a song about a firetruck and putting out the fire.  I got down on his knee and was spraying the water.  It was so cute. 
 Ringing the bells!
 He made a froot loop candy cane.  I think he ate 2 pieces of cereal for every one that he put on his candy cane.  He cracks me up!
I think we are all ready for Christmas, can't wait for the big day!

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