Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Halloween time!

I have an amazing Aunt and Uncle who since moving to Utah have put together a Halloween Party.  As soon as it is October my boys start watching the mail for the invitation.  They love their party and so do I! One of the rules is everyone has to dress up. Before their parties I hadn't dressed up in years.  Camden and Bryson wanted to be Ninja's again, so I let them. 

 Two tough Ninja's
 Dallin and I are pirates.  He is a ghost pirate!
 I was being lazy this year and when I saw an idea on pinterest to paint pumpkins, I thought it was brilliant.  I bought some glow in the dark paint and we painted them! It was fun, the boys wanted to carve but I was happy not to have such a huge mess. 

 My cousin Abby had come over for me to help her and she stayed and helped us with our pumpkins. It was so nice having an extra hand.  They usually all want my help and darn it there is only one of me and three of them! It was also nice she was able to take some pictures of us. 
 Dallin and his finished pumpkin,  the glowed awesome in the house, outside not so much!

Bryson and his pumpkin!
All of our pumpkins
I thought it would only take us a couple of minutes to get ready this year, since no one needed their faces painted.  At last minute Dallin decided he didn't want to wear the ghost pirate costume and he wanted to be a vampire, and then as I was painting his face. Camden and Bryson decided they were going to be Zombie Ninja's and needed their faces painted too. So much for getting ready quick. 

I really enjoy Halloween and we had a great time.  I love my boys!

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