Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wrestling Season 2012

 It is my goal to catch up on my blog this summer.  Since school is out today, I should start reaching my goal! Looking at these pictures makes me ready for wrestling season again!  I will just be content to look at pictures wrestling season means Winter and I am not ready for that!  Here are some pictures of Dallin, I love the looks on his face when he wrestles.  

Camden is very entertaining to watch wrestle, if you can imagine that! Ha Ha not such a big stretch huh? Well he definitely goes charging at his opponents to take them down, and he usually gets them down, but he doesn't get on top after so the other kid gets the point for the take down.  I try really hard not to get frustrated :).  Then I hear him growling and grunting to get his escape and I just have to smile. 

Bryson gets in on the action as well, Quade was a great opponent. 

 Thank heavens my boys have a wrestling coach!

I am really good at cheering them on. 
Love these boys of mine!

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