Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Dallin

 I really don't know how this has happened so fast, I have a NINE YEAR OLD!!!! Dallin ended up having a week long celebration for his birthday.  We usually have family parties on Sunday's so we had his party the Sunday before his birthday.  Dallin decided he wanted Treasure cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie in the middle.  They were really good and he was in charge of the sprinkles.

 I had to take Bryson shopping with me for Dallin's presents which isn't the best thing since he struggles with keeping a secret.  Dallin asked me for an Air soft gun, and he asked his dad for a BB gun.  Dallin kept asking Bryson what he was getting and he did pretty good for a day.  Then he started to say but I get the small one. I thought it was so funny.  The day he was opening presents Bryson told him I get the small BB gun.  Dallin was really worried I had messed up since he told me an air soft gun.  Luckily he didn't realize Bryson didn't know the difference between an air soft gun or a BB gun.

 Dallin also asked for goalie gloves. 
 Blowing out the candles.

 On Dallin's real birthday his dad brought him a present, a BB gun!
 Neil and I also got him a soccer goal. I didn't wrap it, so Cam wanted to make sure he kept his eyes closed. 
 He was pretty excited about his birthday!

 On Friday night we had his birthday party.  We went to Get Air in Roy.  The boys met at our house and Neil and I drove them down.  First they all headed for Dodge ball. 

 It was hard getting very good pictures of anyone! So I just put ones of Dallin on here. 
 Then they had a foam pit at the end of some tramps Dallin loved doing flips off of them.  I thought the pictures were fun!

Neil even did some flips!

Camden gets in on the action. 
We went up to a party room and had pizza!

Then it was time for cake and ice cream.  Dallin wanted a soccer cake, his number is 18 and his team is BE United.  I think the cake turned out pretty cool!

Everyone had a blast and so did the birthday boy! I am still in shock at how old he is getting.  Dallin is such a sweetheart.  He has a tender heart and is very protective of me, and his little brothers.  Unless it is him picking on them of course.  He loves to "chat" with anyone and everyone especially adults.  He has always been able to carry on such good conversations.  Dallin is very competitive and loves doing things.  He is always on the go and wants to hang out with friends.  He is loving soccer! It is fun to watch him! I love this boy mine and I am so grateful I get to be his mom.  I love you Dallin!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pine wood derby

I never knew how stressful the Pine Wood Derby could be! I am just glad that Neil takes care of this project with Dallin.  We received our kits about February and the derby wasn't until April, that should have been plenty of time to allow for no rushing, right? I think the problem was we had so long, that we didn't worry about it.  Poor Neil was having a crazy time at work, but ended up getting it done in time.  Dallin said he wanted a shark.  I thought that sounded cool, but I was worried usually "artistic" ones don't do that well.  Unfortunately I was right, but Dallin did win a couple of runs. 

The shark really looked cool and Neil put a lot of effort into it. 

The encouraged the dad's to make cars and they could race them after the boys.  Neil's was a pencil. 
 I love this picture.  Bryson with his cute cast!
 Dallin loves to pose for pictures.
It was a fun night! Bryson keeps asking Neil to when he is going to make him a Derby car.  The way he says it is so cute, I just love to hear him ask for it. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Broken bone......

After spending a weekend down in Saint George, I came home on Sunday. Bryson told me he hurt his foot, and I thought nothing of it.  The following morning I was going visiting teaching and I was putting on his shoe.  I kinda twist the shoe to get it on, and Bryson yelled that hurts my toe! I was running late as usual and thought I better look at his foot when I get home because all I saw was a tiny scratch and I didn't think that should have hurt it.  I drag the poor kid visiting teaching, but he is walking around playing with other kids.  As I look back now, I remember thinking he is walking funny, but I thought he was just being silly.  I get home and fixed the little man lunch and then my mom called to see how Bryson's foot was, because she watched him on Friday night.  She told me he had jumped off the couch and hurt his foot and he would not walk on it the rest of the night.  I am thinking why hasn't anyone told me about this! Then as I finished talking to my mom, Trisha called to see how he was doing.  Savannah had been watching him when he jumped from the couch.  
I decided I better check out the foot since he was sill complaining about it.  I pulled off his sock and thought his foot sure is warm.  I am checking for swelling, and it maybe looks a tiny bit swollen so I pulled off his other sock and those toes were cold! I told Trisha his foot was very warm and I was going to call the doctor.  I called my Pediatrician's office and left a message for the nurse to call me.  She called me back and said you need to take him to an Orthopedic!  I was not expecting that, I called the orthopedic from my ward and the receptionist informed me she wasn't sure if they could see any more patients that day but she would check with the doctor.  She came back and said Dr. Sumko said for you to come right down.  I love having so many doctors in the ward! I took Bryson down and we had it x-rayed.  Dr. Sumko could not see a break on the x-ray, but since it was swollen and he would not pull full pressure on it wanted him to be in a cast for 2 weeks.  He thought there might be a break in the growth plate.  
Bryson was so brave and good for the doctor! For some reason he wanted to wear this angry bird hat and I just let him.  So here is getting a cast in his green undies wearing an angry bird hat! After they put on the cast they asked if he wanted Sparkles and he said yes! I was dying, thinking why are you asking a boy if he wants sparkles.  He had blue sparkles on his cast, but he called them sprinkles! It was cute, how can you say no to this cute guy when he had a broken foot?!?

 He had a hard time walking at first so Dallin brought in his Mickey Scooter.  I thought it was hilarious.  He even sat on it to play the Xbox. This brings new meaning to the words "motorized scooter" huh?
 I wasn't sure how we were going to manage a bath, but my friend gave me idea of the stool and it worked perfectly!

 Two days later Bryson had another field trip.  I was a little worried how he would get around, so I was glad I was going with him.  I shouldn't have been worried though he did amazing.  All the kids loved this huge tortoise. 
 The owner of the animals brought around some smaller turtles and the kids were able to touch them.
 Bryson touched it's head and it pulled it right into his shell, he thought that was so cool.
 He said, this it what the turtle did when I touched it's head.
 How cute is he?  Checking out the ponies.
 Touching the big turtle!

I am so glad I was able to go on this field trip with Bryson.  This is one of the many, many reasons I am grateful to be stay at home mom.  I love that I can go to these things with my kids. 

 Bryson wore his cast for two weeks, I took him back to the doctor and they took off his cast.  They asked him if he could walk on it, and he stood up and went running out the room and into the hall where he promptly fell.  He wouldn't walk anymore and I was worried.  The x-ray showed that there probably had been a very small break on his foot, but had healed.  It looks more white in the x-ray showing the body putting more calcium there to heal the break.  Bryson did not have to put the cast back on, but he wouldn't walk either.  Dr. Sumko said it was because his ankle was sore and stiff from not moving.  He made him a little half cast to wear with an ace bandage and said to use it during the day and at night leave it off and see how if he will walk after it becomes less stiff.  Sure enough, he was fine after a day and didn't have to wear it anymore.  I can't believe this little guy has had 2 broken bones, and none of my other kids have had anything! CRAZY!

Monday, June 17, 2013

A little of this..... A little of that

 I found several pictures that I wanted to post, but they weren't enough for individual posts.  This is a little bit of everything!

Camden on crazy hair day, I was glad he didn't have a haircut, and that his hair was longer so we were able to get it to look pretty crazy!

For some reason my kids do not lose their teeth! Cam had his front bottom tooth growing in, but his baby teeth were not loose.  Finally one was a little wiggly but it stayed that way for a month.  I decided to call the dentist and get it pulled.  I called on Friday, and they had an opening on Monday. Of course when he came home from his dad's house on Sunday both of his baby teeth were loose. I decided to keep my appointment and get them pulled anyway. 
He was so funny, he kept telling me mom my lips are soooo big! I told him they weren't really big they just felt funny because they were numb.  He said no mom look at me they are big.  I finally took this picture of him and he said. Oh they aren't big!  It was really funny! 

Dallin gets to earn pop at school and he thinks that is the best thing ever.  He is such a good brother and share's his pop's with his little brothers. 

Bryson found a new spot to play the iPad while I get in the morning. 
Bryson's preschool went on a field trip to a dentist office.  I was able to go with him.  I love being able to do these things with my boys!
Bryson got to be the dentist. 
Of  course he was a ninja dentist!
They had to floss between the teeth. 
It was so funny he turned around with the rope of his shoulder and really pulled!
Walking back to school. 
My dad came over to help with the four wheelers, Bryson had to help as well.  I would bet he wasn't very helpful, but he sure is cute!
Bryson was so excited about this tattoo.  He wanted me to take a picture and send it to his dad.