Monday, June 17, 2013

A little of this..... A little of that

 I found several pictures that I wanted to post, but they weren't enough for individual posts.  This is a little bit of everything!

Camden on crazy hair day, I was glad he didn't have a haircut, and that his hair was longer so we were able to get it to look pretty crazy!

For some reason my kids do not lose their teeth! Cam had his front bottom tooth growing in, but his baby teeth were not loose.  Finally one was a little wiggly but it stayed that way for a month.  I decided to call the dentist and get it pulled.  I called on Friday, and they had an opening on Monday. Of course when he came home from his dad's house on Sunday both of his baby teeth were loose. I decided to keep my appointment and get them pulled anyway. 
He was so funny, he kept telling me mom my lips are soooo big! I told him they weren't really big they just felt funny because they were numb.  He said no mom look at me they are big.  I finally took this picture of him and he said. Oh they aren't big!  It was really funny! 

Dallin gets to earn pop at school and he thinks that is the best thing ever.  He is such a good brother and share's his pop's with his little brothers. 

Bryson found a new spot to play the iPad while I get in the morning. 
Bryson's preschool went on a field trip to a dentist office.  I was able to go with him.  I love being able to do these things with my boys!
Bryson got to be the dentist. 
Of  course he was a ninja dentist!
They had to floss between the teeth. 
It was so funny he turned around with the rope of his shoulder and really pulled!
Walking back to school. 
My dad came over to help with the four wheelers, Bryson had to help as well.  I would bet he wasn't very helpful, but he sure is cute!
Bryson was so excited about this tattoo.  He wanted me to take a picture and send it to his dad. 

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