Monday, June 17, 2013

Camden's Spring Program

Camden was so excited for us to come and see him sing.  I loved watching him, he was very animated while he was singing, he was very entertaining to watch.  Unfortunately it didn't show that in the pictures I took.  I can't believe he is almost finished with 1st grade.  It doesn't seem possible.  He has had an amazing year, which I knew he would since he got our favorite teacher Miss Higgs. She was married during the school year, so I am still trying to get used to saying Mrs. Serdar. 

 Singing "Buckle Up" this was Camden's class' song.

 Bryson doing some ninja moves during the performance. 

 The boys all raced ahead of us and made it to the class room long before me.  Here is Cam with the best First grade teacher EVER! Mrs. Serdar
 Bryson made himself right at home and crashed on the bean bags. 

I am hoping Mrs. Serdar will still be around for Bryson to have her! I told her husband at their reception he couldn't take her away until after Bryson finished 1st grade! He laughed and said he had been told the same thing by several parents!

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