Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Dallin

 I really don't know how this has happened so fast, I have a NINE YEAR OLD!!!! Dallin ended up having a week long celebration for his birthday.  We usually have family parties on Sunday's so we had his party the Sunday before his birthday.  Dallin decided he wanted Treasure cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie in the middle.  They were really good and he was in charge of the sprinkles.

 I had to take Bryson shopping with me for Dallin's presents which isn't the best thing since he struggles with keeping a secret.  Dallin asked me for an Air soft gun, and he asked his dad for a BB gun.  Dallin kept asking Bryson what he was getting and he did pretty good for a day.  Then he started to say but I get the small one. I thought it was so funny.  The day he was opening presents Bryson told him I get the small BB gun.  Dallin was really worried I had messed up since he told me an air soft gun.  Luckily he didn't realize Bryson didn't know the difference between an air soft gun or a BB gun.

 Dallin also asked for goalie gloves. 
 Blowing out the candles.

 On Dallin's real birthday his dad brought him a present, a BB gun!
 Neil and I also got him a soccer goal. I didn't wrap it, so Cam wanted to make sure he kept his eyes closed. 
 He was pretty excited about his birthday!

 On Friday night we had his birthday party.  We went to Get Air in Roy.  The boys met at our house and Neil and I drove them down.  First they all headed for Dodge ball. 

 It was hard getting very good pictures of anyone! So I just put ones of Dallin on here. 
 Then they had a foam pit at the end of some tramps Dallin loved doing flips off of them.  I thought the pictures were fun!

Neil even did some flips!

Camden gets in on the action. 
We went up to a party room and had pizza!

Then it was time for cake and ice cream.  Dallin wanted a soccer cake, his number is 18 and his team is BE United.  I think the cake turned out pretty cool!

Everyone had a blast and so did the birthday boy! I am still in shock at how old he is getting.  Dallin is such a sweetheart.  He has a tender heart and is very protective of me, and his little brothers.  Unless it is him picking on them of course.  He loves to "chat" with anyone and everyone especially adults.  He has always been able to carry on such good conversations.  Dallin is very competitive and loves doing things.  He is always on the go and wants to hang out with friends.  He is loving soccer! It is fun to watch him! I love this boy mine and I am so grateful I get to be his mom.  I love you Dallin!

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  1. What a fun party! I love his cake! I should do a soccer cake for Hayden some time! It was great seeing you at Karlie's reception even though it was brief! Thanks for coming!