Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Miracle Man turns 4!

I really don't think it will be possible to think about Bryson's birthday without thinking about all he had to go through.  It was a pretty rough couple of months, but knowing what I do now and all of the other types of heart defects and problems some babies have, we were are so BLESSED!

I am terrible at writing down things about my kids, especially on their birthdays, so I am going to try to do better.  Bryson has a ton of energy! He goes and goes, which I guess partly I just want to let him go, because he can! Look at what he went through and his heart is doing so well, he can just go! He loves to snuggle when he is tired (yeah!).  He has the softest, sweetest cheeks and I just love to kiss them and have what we call a "cheek to cheek". He loves to play toys and guys, and he can play by himself forever.  He has a wild imagination.  He loves to play in the sand, and go to the sand dunes.  He is very adventurous and isn't afraid of too much.  He has a quite a bit of spunk and he can hold his own with his older brothers.  What else can I say this little man rocks!
His birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, and that meant he had school and gymnastics! Here is the crown he got from school. 
He wasn't awake when Dallin left for school and Dallin wanted to see him open his presents  so we waiting until after everyone was home from school! I love this grunt look as he is opening the present. 
This boys is obsessed with Batman, and "guys". 
He has been playing Skylanders with Camden and he wanted "Hot Dog" for his game, he was so excited to get it for his birthday. 
Dallin and Camden helping Bryson show off his new toys!
I had a family Birthday party for him the following Sunday.  For some reason he wanted to sit on a tall chair to open his presents. 

This picture is kinda blurry, but I wanted to use it anyway.  I love how close these two are, they love to play together and they do for hours!
Bryson checking out his cake!

Waiting for his cake, that smile can melt an iceberg!
Ready to blow out the candles. 
So proud of himself he blew them all out.
Mom and her birthday boy!
I stress myself out of these cakes, I am very good, but I think they will mean something to my kids when they are older.  I try to have them help me pick out what kind they want, and Bryson was very happy about the way his cake turned out.  I guess that makes it all worth it.  

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