Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pine wood derby

I never knew how stressful the Pine Wood Derby could be! I am just glad that Neil takes care of this project with Dallin.  We received our kits about February and the derby wasn't until April, that should have been plenty of time to allow for no rushing, right? I think the problem was we had so long, that we didn't worry about it.  Poor Neil was having a crazy time at work, but ended up getting it done in time.  Dallin said he wanted a shark.  I thought that sounded cool, but I was worried usually "artistic" ones don't do that well.  Unfortunately I was right, but Dallin did win a couple of runs. 

The shark really looked cool and Neil put a lot of effort into it. 

The encouraged the dad's to make cars and they could race them after the boys.  Neil's was a pencil. 
 I love this picture.  Bryson with his cute cast!
 Dallin loves to pose for pictures.
It was a fun night! Bryson keeps asking Neil to when he is going to make him a Derby car.  The way he says it is so cute, I just love to hear him ask for it. 

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