Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bryson's last few days of Preschool

Bryson's last few days of Preschool were so much fun! They had a swim day at the pool.  Here are some of the kids lined up to hear the rules! 

Going down the slide.  

Loved the water fountains! 

The very last day was a performance with activities.  I don't know where he came up with this crooked smile, but he does all the time now! 
 Pledge of Allegiance
 Dancing and singing!
 Dallin was "sick" so he went with to Bryson's day! Here we are at the treat station.
 Yummy, messy, S'mores!

 This was very cool! They had a pan of water and then the kids helped spray some spray paint into the water.   Then the put a piece of paper on top and said the magic words... and all of the paint would be on the paper and the water clear again.  I thought it was awesome and so did Bryson!
The last activity was rockets! You put a little water in old "film containers" and then a half of Alka Setzers.  You put the lid on tight and put it upside down and the top would pop off and fly into the air.  This was so much fun to watch.  The kids loved it! 

Bryson had a great year at preschool and next year he will go 3 days a week! I hope they are ready for him.  He is fun, and he comes with a lot of energy! 

Camden's 7th Birthday

It is so crazy how quickly time goes by, I can't believe this guy is 7 years old! Camden is so much fun! He makes me laugh everyday, he has such a wild and crazy imagination.  He can play for hours, and he will play with someone or by himself he doesn't care.  He gets zoned into whatever he is doing and it is hard to get him attention while he is "zoned".  He wanted to have his party at The Peak so he could just run around and do whatever he wanted.  (OK, I may have talked him into just a little bit, because I didn't want to have to come up with a bunch of games to play.)

Camden being Camden! 

Ryker going for a swing.

Bryson is just as big as everyone else, incase you wondered or forgot! 
Cam wanted to wrestle his dad, and when it is your party, I guess you can do what you want! 
Dallin and Ryker jumping off the rock wall into the foam pit.  They were the only ones old enough to do it. They were the only ones over 8 and allowed to jump.  I was a little disappointed in this rule since Cam jumps from this in his class and loves it!

Playing "Angry Birds"

Present time, Camden is so animated! 

Hulk Birthday cake! 

Writing his name on the birthday wall! 
We had his party on a Saturday, and then we let Cam open his present from Neil and I on Sunday, which happened to be Mother's day.  They spent the weekend at Neil's and then he brought them home Sunday morning so he could make me breakfast.  Then it was time for presents! 
 He got an Ipod touch, he was pretty excited.
 So excited this is his happy dance!
 We went to dinner at Grandma's for a combined Mother's day and birthday!

 To finish off Camden's Birthday Monday the actual day of his birthday he requested breakfast in bed.  He wanted pancakes and whipped cream.  But he did not want the whip cream on his pancakes, just on the side so he could eat it.  He wanted a chocolate milk as well!

Neil and I met Camden at the school and brought him lunch.  He wanted McDonald's! Neil was extremely nice and brought subs for us, and I brought the McD's for Camden and Bryson.  We were also lucky it was picnic day and we ate lunch outside on the grass!
Cam's requested treat for school was donuts!

Bryson gets to tag along for all the fun! He really wanted me to take a picture of him with this ball he found! He cracks me up!  

Happy Birthday to a very special 7 year old!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a night!

After Dallin and Camden's soccer games we headed down to Salt Lake for a Real game.  Dallin's soccer team was able to be part of a Club night at the RSL game.  They would get to participate in the Parade of Kings before the game and play a scrimmage game on the field at half time. 

We met up with some of his team mates and Bridger (who plays for the same club, just a different team).  It was a big group for dinner, but it was so fun for the boys.  They loved every minute. 

Pre game festivities are a blast, and the boys get to take shots at a poster with tires.  If you get your ball in the tire, you win a ball.  I love all the stuff they have at these games.  This was my first RSL game, and have been hooked ever since. 
Dallin taking his shot.

Bryson's turn to take a shot.

Camden takes his shot. 

The boys loved Leo and he was so fun with them!

Chest bumps!

The game was on May 4th, so the theme of the night was May the Fourth be with you!
For the Parade of Kings, the boys got to walk down around the field, unfortunately they were one of the last clubs to come out, so they didn't get to go very far.  High fiving the crowd, feeling like KINGS!

They stood out there while the teams were introduced and the National anthem was sung.  It was so much fun!

Camden singing "The Real Song".
Bryson attempting to kick back!
This is one of Dallin's favorite players, Nick Rimando! I was pretty happy with the shot I got!

Now, for the highlight of the night, the boys playing on the RSL field!  Dallin is walking out with his best friend Bridger.  He is the back right with the white jersey. 

Smiling for the moms!

Kicking the ball!
The entire group!
I need new cleats, I can't use them they have RSL grass on them! He was so excited, and we loved watching them.  It really was a magical night for all of them!
The boys enjoying the game!

To top things off, we hung around after the game to see if any players would come out for autographs.  We saw Abdoulie Mansally after and he signed Dallin's jersey, Camden's jacket and Bryson's cast.  It was seriously so fun, we were all so excited! WHAT A NIGHT!!!!