Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bryson's last few days of Preschool

Bryson's last few days of Preschool were so much fun! They had a swim day at the pool.  Here are some of the kids lined up to hear the rules! 

Going down the slide.  

Loved the water fountains! 

The very last day was a performance with activities.  I don't know where he came up with this crooked smile, but he does all the time now! 
 Pledge of Allegiance
 Dancing and singing!
 Dallin was "sick" so he went with to Bryson's day! Here we are at the treat station.
 Yummy, messy, S'mores!

 This was very cool! They had a pan of water and then the kids helped spray some spray paint into the water.   Then the put a piece of paper on top and said the magic words... and all of the paint would be on the paper and the water clear again.  I thought it was awesome and so did Bryson!
The last activity was rockets! You put a little water in old "film containers" and then a half of Alka Setzers.  You put the lid on tight and put it upside down and the top would pop off and fly into the air.  This was so much fun to watch.  The kids loved it! 

Bryson had a great year at preschool and next year he will go 3 days a week! I hope they are ready for him.  He is fun, and he comes with a lot of energy! 

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