Thursday, August 29, 2013

Camden's 7th Birthday

It is so crazy how quickly time goes by, I can't believe this guy is 7 years old! Camden is so much fun! He makes me laugh everyday, he has such a wild and crazy imagination.  He can play for hours, and he will play with someone or by himself he doesn't care.  He gets zoned into whatever he is doing and it is hard to get him attention while he is "zoned".  He wanted to have his party at The Peak so he could just run around and do whatever he wanted.  (OK, I may have talked him into just a little bit, because I didn't want to have to come up with a bunch of games to play.)

Camden being Camden! 

Ryker going for a swing.

Bryson is just as big as everyone else, incase you wondered or forgot! 
Cam wanted to wrestle his dad, and when it is your party, I guess you can do what you want! 
Dallin and Ryker jumping off the rock wall into the foam pit.  They were the only ones old enough to do it. They were the only ones over 8 and allowed to jump.  I was a little disappointed in this rule since Cam jumps from this in his class and loves it!

Playing "Angry Birds"

Present time, Camden is so animated! 

Hulk Birthday cake! 

Writing his name on the birthday wall! 
We had his party on a Saturday, and then we let Cam open his present from Neil and I on Sunday, which happened to be Mother's day.  They spent the weekend at Neil's and then he brought them home Sunday morning so he could make me breakfast.  Then it was time for presents! 
 He got an Ipod touch, he was pretty excited.
 So excited this is his happy dance!
 We went to dinner at Grandma's for a combined Mother's day and birthday!

 To finish off Camden's Birthday Monday the actual day of his birthday he requested breakfast in bed.  He wanted pancakes and whipped cream.  But he did not want the whip cream on his pancakes, just on the side so he could eat it.  He wanted a chocolate milk as well!

Neil and I met Camden at the school and brought him lunch.  He wanted McDonald's! Neil was extremely nice and brought subs for us, and I brought the McD's for Camden and Bryson.  We were also lucky it was picnic day and we ate lunch outside on the grass!
Cam's requested treat for school was donuts!

Bryson gets to tag along for all the fun! He really wanted me to take a picture of him with this ball he found! He cracks me up!  

Happy Birthday to a very special 7 year old!

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