Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spring Soccer

It was fun to watch Camden play soccer.  He is just a funny kid all around.  Sometimes he plays and is involved and other times, not so much!  Luckily the week I brought my camera he was pretty involved in the game.  He played on a team with his best bud Jackson who always plays and is involved.  We were winning this game and Jackson was trying to help Camden score a goal at the end of the game, but it just didn't happen.  I was very happy for Cam and he had fun. 

I have loved the team Dallin was on this year, we have a good group of boys and parents, and it has been a lot of fun watching them become a better team. 

This was the last game of the official season and then we had playoffs.  They finished third and I was really happy for the way they played.  Unfortunately the team has tryouts and his team has been switched up for the summer tournaments, Fall and Spring team.  It stinks to start over, but I think it will be a good opportunity to for Dallin to really shine!. 

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