Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bryson's Trohpy day

The kids always refer to their performances of gymnastics as "trophy day".  They get so excited to show their stuff.  This is the first year they have allowed the 3 year olds to do a class without their parents, it was really nice.  They invited all the little classes to an open house night.  I don't think anyone understood that and we all showed up at the beginning.  It was kind of crazy, but it worked!  They had all of these stations setup to let the kids show off their skills!  
Hand stand
 parallel bars
Uneven bars
 Ta da!
Brothers always ready to cheer each other on, or maybe try to steal some spotlight!
 Another Handstand
 Bryson's new pose, he does this all the time!
 I was amazed at this! Bryson would jump from one bar to the next and he would land it every time!
 It was hard to get a picture, but it was so fun to watch!
Jumping through the hoop!
 Trophy time!
The wink!
We got one with all of the boys because we knew the other nights would be more chaotic! Here are my three tough boys! Bryson has loved his class and he loves jumping around. 

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