Monday, December 30, 2013

Camden's Parkour and Dallin's Tumbling

Camden loves Parkour, it is a great sport for him.  I am thrilled to find something he likes and excels at! I guess I should have known, jumping around and ninja moves would be a perfect match.  Parkour however is very difficult to photograph! This particular night Cam had his performance and Dallin had a soccer game, so we divided and conquered again.  I stayed and watched Dallin's game and Neil took Cam to his performance.  Neil was able to get some good pics! I made it in time to watch the freestyle event! 

Jumping off the wall! 

Getting his trophy, his Coach (boy) always calls him Super Cam! He loved it! 
Since Dallin had a soccer game, he missed his performance night.  It is good to know the owner, so she let him do his own after Cam's group was done! This I also not very easy to get good shots at, but at least we have some pictures!


Doing his Back handspring
Tramp routine

Bryson's class is Gymnastics, Camden's class is Parkour, and Dallin's is tumbling.  I call them all gymnastics and get in trouble every dang time.  So Camden really loved his Parkour class, Dallin loved his tumbling class and Bryson loved his Nastics, as he would say!

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