Monday, December 30, 2013

Cam's field trip!

I am so grateful that I get to go on my kids' field trips with them, I am also very grateful they want me to go with them! Cam's first grade field trip was to Willow Park and American West Heritage.  My group was Macie, a girl from our ward, Camden and his friend Sam.  Sam has some learning disabilities and Macie and Camden have taken him under their wings so to speak.  They are very nice and helpful to him.  That is a great report to get from his teacher.  They were so good to him in fact the Sam's mom requested they be in his class next year as well.  This is a pretty fun field trip, the kids loved looking at the animals.  

 They did a presentation on lots of different animals, Cam loved it.  He loves animals and loves learning different facts about them.  I knew they would be showing a snake, so of course I stayed at the back.  Everyone was able to touch the snake that wanted to.  I decided to be really brave and get closer so I could get a picture of Cam!
 The American West Heritage Park is a 1920 living farm.  They show the kids what it would be like if they were on a farm at that time.  They got to play a game, I can't remember what is called, but similar to baseball without the equipment!

 They were able to milk a goat.  Camden and his buddy Jackson were so excited to do this, however afterwards they both thought it was pretty gross! It made me laugh!
Best buds! 

 Making butter
 Learning to plant a garden
 They gave the kids these string to stretch out, so their rows of crops would be straight!
 Then they gave them a hoe to get digging!
After that, we took the boys and headed for home.  I can't remember what appointment we had but we had to hurry to get home in time for it! I am pretty sure Cam had a great time! 

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