Monday, December 30, 2013

Not our typical Memorial Weekend!

No one was able to go camping over Memorial Weekend this year, and I really didn't want to stay home, so we went down to Salt Lake and spent a couple of nights at a hotel again.  We had a blast and of course we had to go to City Creek! 
 Apparently Bryson was worn out!
 Love this view!
 Watching the fish, the highlight of City Creek!

 We stopped by Rocky Mountain for some Chocolates, they were good!
Dallin and Camden found a friend!
 We walked over to Temple Sqaure, I wish I had taken my good camera.  Phone camera's just don't cut it!

 With our Pass of all Passes we were able to go to this Arcade for free! We did miniature golfing, played a bunch of games and Dallin and I drove some cars. 

It turned out to be a great weekend! We had so much fun! 

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