Monday, December 30, 2013

Real Salt Lake

We had so much fun the last time we went to the Real game, I thought it was time to go again! Eating at Chili's before the game! 

 Pregame festivities

 And because we didn't eat enough at dinner.....
 When they were getting ready to sing the National Anthem, Bryson yells (while the stadium is quiet) GO SALT LAKE JAZZ! Everyone around us laughed.  It was pretty funny!
 That is Dallin standing in front of Leo the Lion!
 Newly autographed hat!
 ...and more munchies
 There weren't a lot of people there because it wasn't a MLS game, but it was for some Cup, I can't remember the name! (This is why you shouldn't get so behind on your blog!) The game was tied at the end, so it went into a 30 minute overtime.  We moved down to the front row since it was empty.  We had an absolute blast at this game. 

 Talking about the awesome shot!
 3 handsome boys!
 Leo came around again, and this time Camden had his shirt signed!
 Bryson got a high five, and put in a request for his own Real Shirt!
 He signed it!
I took this picture to show how close to the action we were! 
 I was very impressed with this keeper, he was from the other team and through the entire game our fans were not nice to him. He came out after and gave high fives! Very impressive!

 We had so much fun, we came down to another game a couple of weeks later, but I didn't take as many pictures.  However we did get Bryson his own Real Shirt!

And he got it signed my Leo! 

This is our new favorite thing to do, the games are so much fun to go to! I can't wait for the next one!

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