Monday, December 30, 2013

Swimming Lessons 2013

 Swimming lessons are one of the highlights of summer! The boys absolutely love them! I officially have 3 little fish! Not one of them is afraid of the water.  Dallin does however need to work on his diving skills! (Which I cannot even do!)

 But he sure can swim!

 Camden is a great swimmer as well! This is also something Camden excell's at!

Bryson loved being in the water, though I am not sure how much he listened to his teacher.  He had a hard time waiting for his turn to come around.  Private swim lessons might be what he needs! 

This face kills me, he does it ALL THE TIME!

The day of their last lesson they get some free time! 

Love this jump!

It isn't very fun blogging about summer and warmth when it is December and freezing outside! It makes me miss summer! 

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