Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lava Hot Springs

I did the worst job of not taking pictures this summer.  I guess it goes to show you all what a non-eventful summer we had! We did go to Lava Hot Springs for a weekend.  We went for my mom's family reunion.  We had a blast and I conquered a fear of mine! This river used to scare me to death. Perhaps it is because it was the end of the summer and we had a very dry summer! I liked the fact that the river was low.  I let Dallin and Camden float the river with Brady and Amanda I got a few shots of them.  
 Dallin, Gage and Derek
 They were fearless and would go over the waterfalls! I was a nervous wreck at the top watching.  Dallin did go out a few times, but Derek was very good to get him right back in.  They loved it, even though it terrified me. 
After they conquered the "second" waterfall they went up higher went over the "first" waterfall.  Now I thought I was a wreck on the "second" I was so scared on the other.  I didn't think they would make it.  At this point Brady, Amanda and Cam had not fallen off, Cam told us he had a force field to protect them so they wouldn't crash.  Derek, Gage and Dallin made it over the first waterfall, I was thrilled.  Brady, Amanda and Cam crashed on their attempt.  Again they grabbed Cam and had him right back on the tube! After they crashed Cam said, "I guess my force field doesn't work when I am nervous, and I was pretty nervous". He is so cute!
Bryson and Hayley
 It was time for Cam to warm up!
These were pictures from the first night, the second day we went to the pool.  We had a great time, Dallin and Camden talked me into going on the big slides and I am glad they did.  They were so much fun! Bryson couldn't go on any of the slides he is too little, but he had blast anyway.  Then we went down the river and even I floated it.  We had so much fun, we decided to float a little bit more on Sunday before we had to go home! 

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