Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Birthday

I don't think I have ever posted about my own birthday, I don't really love my birthday.  This year, I had to post to show what an amazing little man I have.  He can be the most thoughtful person.  I can't remember the exact reason, but Dallin stayed with me the day before my birthday, but Camden and Bryson went to Neil's.  He got up early and I could hear him in the kitchen but I didn't get up.  Pretty soon I heard him sneak and peak around the corner in my room.  He informed me not to get up yet.  A few minutes later he came and got me and made me walk to the kitchen with my eyes closed.  He had made me breakfast all by himself, he even had my chocolate milk ready.  It was seriously the sweetest thing ever. 
 He even made me a heart shaped pancake! Then he said we better eat quick these are probably cold. He then told me it was hard getting everything ready at the same time. 
  It was the best breakfast!
 Then when I picked up the kids this is what they had bought for me.  Dallin had requested Neil to get me some flowers, and the boys picked out candies, stuffed animals and cards.  Their cards fit them perfectly.  It was very sweet and it was a great birthday!

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