Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Park City Tournament & Strikers Cup

Neil sponsored Dallin's soccer club this year.  All the boys were given a warm up shirt with Flexpak on it.  I am not sure who was more excited about the shirts, Neil or Dallin! Neil had a golf tournament for work and so he could not come up to Park City.  We spent him these pictures so he could see how the shirts turned out!

 I really should preface this trip with some information.  The boys went to Branson with Neil, they flew in on Wednesday night and we had to be up at Park City Thursday morning.  They called me Wednesday morning and Dallin wasn't feeling good, he had a terrible earache.  He was miserable when they landed on Wednesday night.  I met them at the airport because I couldn't wait another minute to see them.  I called the doctor on the way home to try to get him in somewhere.  Luckily I found a clinic opened and he had a massive double ear infection. 
I felt bad for him and we weren't sure if he was going to be able to play because he hurt so bad.  The first game was pretty rough for him.  I honestly can't remember what we won or lost at the tournament.  Dallin played pretty good, but towards the end of the game his Coach pulled him out and told me to get him on the ground with a cool towel.  I really appreciated his coach looking out for him, because he wasn't looking so good.   
His second game he was feeling somewhat better, at half time I went over and used my essential oils on him.  Another one of the coaches from our club told me to quit mothering him (he was just joking).  I told him he was playing with a double ear infection, and his coach said hey leave her alone I need Dallin in this game.  That made Dallin and I both feel pretty good, because I was feeling like a horrible mom having him play. 
Thankfully he really started feeling better by end of the second day.  We had a day without any games so we headed up for the Alpine slides! I lucked out this year and Camden was tall enough to go his own, so I was able to ride with Bryson. 
 On the ski lift up!

 Getting ready for our ride!
 I wanted to make sure I went behind Cam incase he went slow because he was a little nervous about going!

Well it was a good thing I was behind him, because I caught up to him half way down.  I am not sure if he had a really slow sled, but I really think the problem was he just doesn't weigh enough.  He had a hard time pushing the stick down which allowed you to go faster.  I pushed him down the rest of the way.  We had fun anyway! Then the boys wanted to do the Eagle thing again! 
 Then it was time for ice cream! I guess we wore Bryson out, because he was sound asleep before he had a bite of it!
 Poor Camden got stung as we were walking into the ice cream shop.  He was pretty brave though!

That night we met Sheri, McKenna and Bridger for dinner.  I am bummed I didn't take a picture of all of us at dinner.  Obviously by my lack of photos I didn't do so well the entire trip! In fact I forgot my good camera, so all we have a phone pictures.  We were trying to decide what to do after dinner, some kids wanted to go swimming but Dallin couldn't swim with his ear infections.  We decided to hit the alpine slides again.  We went in the early evening and it was perfect! The lines weren't very long, and the weather was fantastic! I think I am going to try to go at night every time now! Sheri went down first and was able to get some pictures of us. 

I love doing this tournament probably for the fact that we get to go up and play as well as watch soccer.  We always have fun! I really can't remember how we did in the tournament I think we got to the Semi's but lost.  Man I hate that I got so behind on my blogging.  I hope this is a lesson learned!
Our next tournament was Strikers Cup in Layton.  It was a really good tournament for the boys.  After the spring season ended, they did tryouts and really mixed up the boys.  We were playing with half a new team.  Their first tournament was really rough to watch, but they really improved a lot of the summer! They made it to the semi finals again.  We were up against a Wild Cats team and they are a really good team.  I loved the few pictures I got because they really show the intensity that Dallin plays with! 
 I always have to include a tongue shot!
 I love these next ones, pure determination on both of their faces!

After these pictures the game was too intense for me to take any pictures.  We ended up tied at the end of the game and we were losing lighting really quick.  They decided there wouldn't be enough light to go into overtime, so we headed for a PK shoot out!  Our goalie was a brand new goalie and had never done a shoot out, nor had any of our boys had to shoot in one.  We ended up losing in the shoot out, but I was so happy for the boys for how hard they worked, and how far they had come as a team.  Working on these pictures sure make me miss soccer, good thing we are starting indoor soon! 

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