Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fall Sports!

Camden was very excited to play flag football, especially since his dad would be coaching him.  Cam did a really good job this year, he was more "into" the game than he was last year.  I love the smile on his face, getting ready to hike the ball. 

I am horrible at taking pictures, I just go and watch and enjoy! But that doesn't make for very good pictures! I really need to get better at that.  Bryson is very excited that he gets to sign up for sports next year.  Almost every game he had to play football on the side lines.  
Look out, here comes Bryson! 

I also realized I did not take one picture of Dallin's fall soccer!  I can't believe I did that, I guess it isn't like I don't have a bunch of pictures of him playing soccer, but I am still very disappointed in myself for not taking any.  Dallin had a great season, and he was able to score some goals! I was so happy for him.  He always has some assists, but he had yet to score in a game until this season.  It is always fun to watch him and his teammates improve over the season.  I mentioned in the post about summer tournaments that he had a new team.  Well after summer tournaments our goalie decided he didn't want to play for the fall league.  OUCH! We also lost another player because he moved, so we were down 2 players, and most importantly our goalie.  Thankfully there were a couple of boys, that worked hard and really did well for us at goalie.  They ended the season in the middle of the pack, which after all that had happened I was happy about.  I am already looking forward to Spring soccer season.  (And Bryson gets to play that as well, he can't wait, and neither can I!)

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